Jeweled World Aims a Creative Touch at a Familiar Genre

To put a new spin on the typical match-three style puzzle games, it takes a bit of ingenuity in design and level creation, but stray too far and you might just have a frantic multi-colored mess. Jeweled World is a newer app in the genre that combines the puzzle elements of a typical match three game with some interesting twists – the biggest one being a stray from the ordinary cohesive, ordered fit towards a more free-spirited arrangement.

Jeweled World features two modes of play, with multiple levels and falling gems (nothing new there) of varying shapes and colors, which must be eliminated by connecting three or more of the same color. The gems don’t have to be in any particular order for elimination, just a group of three or more touching – or almost touching.

Every level of Jeweled World is slightly different than the one before. You might be playing a level where the target is to eliminate the starred jewels, or you might play one where you need to eliminate a target number of jewels. The levels are timed, there are obstacles, and the round will spontaneously end if they pile up to the top of the screen.

Some of the fun features in Jeweled World include water-bound levels, where falling jewels defer to the laws of buoyancy, not gravity and bonus bombs which blow up entire segments of jewel clusters, not just the ones touching it. In most cases, you can achieve a match with jewels that are touching one another in some form or fashion. To choose jewels, simply tap one and drag your finger over all the ones touching in close proximity. Diagonally, vertically, horizontally are all loosely relied upon terms of proximity in Jeweled World as some jewels just have to be pretty close to touching to count.

If you make enough matches quick enough, you’ll earn a bomb jewel – match it with its corresponding color and you’ll have an explosion to clear some space. Watch out for enclosed jewels, as they will have to be matched up twice to be cleared from the board. This is especially challenging when one of them also happens to be a target jewel.The quicker you can reach your target goal for the level, the more stars you’ll earn for each level. Ranked from 1-3 for successful completion, the game will store previous level rankings and scores for replay challenge.

Jeweled World is a refreshing match-three style game – familiar enough to the genre to make it a comfortable, pick up and play game yet has enough creative elements to avoid redundancy in game play. Play in relaxed or time modes, depending on your mood. With an iPhone and iPad optimized version, both for free, Jeweled World is a good choice for fans of color matching puzzle games.

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