Memory and System Info Comes in Handy When iPhone Apps are Crashing

It’s not hard to figure out what Memory and System Info does, from the name alone. IntelligentMobiles’ app gives you a peek at your iPhone or iPod touch’s inner workings. Having this info handy may enable you to figure out why an app is misbehaving or crashing.

Launch Memory and System Info and you’ll go right into the System Info screen where you’ll find details about how much memory you have available, your storage capacity, nearby Wi-Fi networks and the processes currently running on the device.

You’ll immediately see how much runtime memory you have available. If you need more, tap the Free Memory button and you’ll free up about 20 MB. What’s convenient here is that you can free memory without having to reset your iPhone/iPod touch. If your memory is less than 5 MB and you tap the Free Memory button, it might cause the app to reset. That’s not unique to this app, however.

You also can get a look at your device’s total storage memory and how much of that your apps and tunes consume.

I currently use Lars Bergstrom’s WiFi Finder to locate networks around me. Memory and System Info will also do that, which means I can use one app to do both functions. I compared Memory and System Info with WiFi Finder and both apps found the same nets. You also can log into networks with M&S Info, although I don’t find that to be a compelling feature. I compared Memory and System Info with WiFi Finder and both apps found the same nets.

Last, you can see the processes that are currently on the run.

Memory and System Info is similar to the popular Recession Apps’ Free Memory, which AppCraver reviewed in mid-January. Both apps will free runtime memory and show you running processes. They both sell for $0.99.

When we reviewed Free Memory, it included a handy battery-level indicator. Evidently, Apple has a problem with that feature and the latest version of the app no longer provides that, according to the developer. In a side-by-side comparison, both apps reported the same amount of available runtime memory.

Memory and System Info will soon get some additional features, according to the app description, such as the device’s UDID (unique device identifier), firmware version, MAC address and local IP address.

Knowing your UDID easily could come in handy because it makes it possible for developers to send you their beta test apps (presumably free) via your UDID.

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