My.Agenda, a Lighter Version of LifeTopix, Has Flexible Organizational Tools

The mere thought of an all-in-one organizer, task manger, calendar and agenda that not only functions, but doesn’t create additional confusion is enough to make many users fall in love with their iPad or iPhone all over again. There may be no app that has achieved perfection, but LifeTopix by LightArrow Inc. could be a front-runner.

Now, LightArrow offers My.Agenda, a starter version of LifeTopix that still has all the features necessary to be considered truly “all-in-one” – including an organizer, planner and agenda with calendar, appointments, to-do and other features that really make for a pretty comprehensive app for a “starter” version. If you find you need even more, then purchase the “everything pack” within the app for full-feature access.

My.Agenda Syncs Seamlessly
My.Agenda has many different and useful features all rolled into one easy to use app. It syncs with the native iOS calendar, offers a multitude of viewing options and lets users create lists and agendas in formats that suit their needs. There’s also a nifty “Near Me” feature that uses location services to indicate nearby events or tasks.

A comprehensive list of options in settings lends a bit of customization ability to the app and with an equally comprehensive help guide and FAQ section, any confusion over how to use My.Agenda is explained. LightArrow offers a good selection of tutorials for getting started with My.Agenda on their YouTube channel. Like this one for working with the Near Me feature:

Though many of the features and views, especially the quickly navigable calendar views, are user-friendly, there are a few features that may have a not-so-nice feel. The purpose of My.Agenda is really to begin with an organizer and calendar that is powerful, but light and then amp up the power by building on it as you go. The majority of additional features are a la cart, but a few “packages” exist.

The one downside is the inability to perform cloud syncing without purchasing the additional sync and share pack. Thus, if you want to sync your My.Agenda tasks through the cloud, you’ll be in for the pound, not the penny. However, if the cloud syncing is as seamless as the calendar syncing, it’s probably money well-spent.

Add Features as (or if) Your Needs Grow
Extra “add-ons” aside, what one gets with My.Agenda right out of the gate is a manageable, easy to use, but powerful to-do list, task and appointment manager and calendar. It’s offered at an affordable price and has the capability of providing a useful service without overwhelming. If you need additional features and services, then you are given the chance to explore them and purchase them separately or, for the best deal, all at once.

Then again, depending on your needs, My.Agenda might be all you need. Either way, for the mere .99 investment, My.Agenda is a well-designed app striking just the right balance between powerful and lightweight.

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