Say Cheers With weDrink, Your Personalized Drink Guide

Unless you have worked as a bartender you may find yourself at a loss when it comes to mixing a variety of drinks, but thanks to weDrink by Individual those days are long gone. weDrink is an all-in-one drink guide with tons of recipes, games, and even a ride home for the end of the night.

Unlike other drink guides, weDrink lets you personalize your drinking selection with a kind of ‘mix calculator.’ Just select what you have from a list of ingredients and weDrink will give you a list of drinks that you can make. This is particularly helpful because it quickly shows you how to make a number of different drinks with a limited supply of alcohols by using other ingredients found around the house. If you are fortunate enough to be working with a full bar, or if you don’t want to have to scroll through all the ingredients, you can choose to make drinks using the full bar list. You can use weDrink to help you keep track of the drinks you have tried by marking any recipe as “Drank it” or “Liked it.” There is a link to email each recipe to a friend right from the recipe page as well.

Once you have catered your list of ingredients you are ready to start drinking. With two mini drinking games, Drinko and Slot Shot, and even a Random Drink selector, you won’t have any trouble getting a buzz.

In Drinko just tap the screen and watch a quarter fall through a field of pegs toward six shot glasses containing different drinks that can be made based on your ingredient list. If you see a drink you like you can tilt the screen and try to move the quarter towards it.

Slot Shot is more of a group game that basically works as a slot machine: you press a button, the wheels turn, and depending on the way the pictures match up you or someone of your choosing may have to drink.

Finally, after all the fun of mixing and hitting the Shot Slots, weDrink will help you get home safe with Uh Oh, weDrunk! (Get Us Home). Here weDrink will give you a list of local cab numbers based on your current location so you can get home safe and sound.

The developer of weDrink has talked about adding some more mini-games in the future. It has also been mentioned that being able to type in your own drink recipes would be nice but there is no talk of anything like that being added in an update yet.

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