Useful apps for travelers

When going on a trip, you should always adhere to two simple rules: have a minimum of necessary things in your suitcase and a maximum of useful applications in your smartphone. Both of these conditions will help you feel free and comfortable in any country and on any trip.

What applications do you need to install before your trip? Read more here

Travel organizer Triplt

A popular and convenient service organizer that allows you to create a detailed travel plan – with all points of departure and arrival, flight numbers, hotel addresses, scheduled meetings and events, attractions to visit, etc. The whole trip will be before your eyes, and you will not have to worry about forgetting something – Triplt will remind you of everything.

First of all, the program is convenient for tourists who are planning a difficult trip with several changes and transfers, as well as for those who go on a business trip with a busy schedule.

One of the useful “tricks” of the application – laying routes between all points of your trip – airports, train stations, hotels, etc. Thanks to this function, there is no need to once again drive the addresses “from” and “where” into navigator programs.

Packpoint Collection Assistant

An application that generates lists of things necessary for a trip – taking into account its duration, destination, type of vacation, weather forecast, etc. For example, you can save and customize to your needs lists of things for a short business trip, for a week trip to the sea with a child, for a trip to a ski resort, etc.

After you set your destination, Packpoint checks the weather forecast for the area during your trip and creates additional reminders to bring a windbreaker and umbrella, sunglasses and sandals, etc.

The created lists can be shared with friends. This is convenient, for example, if you go on a hike and share equipment that each of you will take. Or if your needs during a trip to a resort or a tour of Europe completely coincide, and you want to help your companions spend as little time and energy as possible on packing and not forget the things they need during the trip.

Hotel search engine Hotellook

Hotellook is an aggregator application that collects offers of the main services for booking hotels: Hotels,, Agoda, etc. The program finds and compares prices for hotels in the specified city on the specified dates in the databases of the main operators, eliminating the need to do it yourself.

Hotellook’s search results show the final price at which a room can be booked – without the unpleasant surprises of additional fees and seasonal surcharges that come out of nowhere at the time of payment.

After you choose a suitable hotel and click the “Book” button, you will be transferred from the Hotellook to the website of the service where this hotel room is available at the price you selected.

Hotel finder Dayuse

An indispensable app on your iPhone for those cases when you have a few hours between flights and you want to fully relax, sleep and take a shower, but do not want to pay the full daily room rate. At Dayuse, you can book a room for a part of the day – at the last moment, with a discount of up to 75% and with the ability to cancel your booking at any time without any penalties.

And even if you have booked a room for 3-4 hours, you become a full-fledged guest of the selected hotel and can use all its infrastructure – buffet, laundry, gym, spa, etc.

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